InstaStalk – 3 Instagrammers that explore colour

In the past years, colour has been neglected because of the change in lifestyle and global ideologies, however this has all changed

Looking back at the previous year’s photographers, curators and style enthusiasts alike have rebirthed the greatness of colour. This is colour-blocking 2.0.

  1. @Ciarajalberts

@ciarajalberts is a photographer based in Portland, Oregon that has been recognised by renowned Visual Supply Co. Her work features subtle yet striking compositions and saturation of colour. Her choice of subject is what makes her work stand-out even more.


  1. @chiandebs

Chi & Ebs are siblings (twins), style enthusiasts and brand consultants from London who have worked with youthful brands such as Nike Sportswear and PEQ. Their use of colour comes in the form of their fashion and the careful consideration of their styling and detailing.



  1. @_soj_

Ademola Adesoji is a photographer, illustrator and blogger that has a unique multimedia approach to his curated feed. The minimal yet contrasting image making technique is striking enough to grab your attention.