Easy, effortless hair removal

[FEATURED] Looking for simple ways to tidy up your brows and other sensitive areas? Veet has launched the new Sensitive Touch trimmer to help your tame your brows and remove other unwanted hair - quickly and easily

The Veet Sensitive Touch is your new go-to gadget for trimming, shaping and shaving sensitive areas. Featuring a host of accessories, the kit comprises of inter-changeable length combs and trimming heads which help you contour, trim and style with expert precision. It’s specifically designed so that it doesn’t come into contact with the skin, eliminating all the nicks and cuts common with regular shavers and razors.

This new battery-operated device delivers salon-quality results from eyebrow shaping and underarm grooming, to trimming the bikini line. It’s specifically designed to be used on dry skin and comes with a host of heads and blades for various hair length and thickness. Simple to use and easy to clean, Veet Sensitive Touch is packaged in a convenient beauty pouch and can accompany you wherever you go, making sure you are carefree and hair-free whenever, wherever. Even maintainence is a breeze – simply rinse the blades and preserve the blade’s performance by adding lubricating oil.

For the modern woman on the move, managing hair removal as and when you want is now possible and with our busy lives, smooth, soft skin is not just an option, it’s a necessity. Gentleness meets precision for the most delicate of areas with Veet Sensitive Touch – the latest offering from Veet.

See the how-to video tutorial below for tips to get the most from the Veet Sensitive Touch trimmer.

Available on Takealot.com

For more information, visit: www.veet.co.za