Who runs the world? Beyoncé

Multiple award-winning singer Beyoncé Knowles is officially the most influential and valuable celebrity on Instagram

New data released by social media analytics firm D’Marie shows that an Instagram post uploaded by Queen Bey generates the advert equivalent value of over $1 million (R13,7 million) per post.

She is officially the first influencer to crossover the $1 million value mark and considering that she isn’t the most followed celebrity on social media, with a ranking of 22nd most followed person, it’s quite an impressive feat.

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D’Marie CEO Frank Spadafora reckons that Beyoncé’s social media success is driven by the fact that – unlike her peers – Beyoncé is fiercely private about her life, only posting sporadic pictures of herself and her family. She also doesn’t post too many blatant commercial updates, which evokes a sense of authenticity in what she posts.

According to the data, Beyoncé uploaded just 13 social media posts in the last month that reached a total of 14,7 million people.

“Her limited release of exclusive, curated content causes such frenzy from her audience. These days, less really is more,” he was quoted saying in a New York Post report.

D’Marie ranks influencers by assessing their ability to generate reach, engagement and sales conversions.

“We call this an influencer’s ‘true value’. You’re probably used to just looking for the number of followers someone may have, but trust me, that will not get you very far, and may not provide the results you’re looking to achieve for your brand when working with an influencer during a social media campaign,” D’Marie’s website reads.

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“We’ve developed an algorithm that compiles over 24 specific metrics from each social media platform that determines an individual’s ranking amongst other’s in any variety of categories.”

Beyoncé’s rise to most influential celebrity follows her baby bump post in February that raked in over 10 million likes in a matter of hours.

That picture alone earned Beyoncé the bragging rights for the most liked image on Instagram after overtaking Selena Gomez’s image, which previously garnered over 6 million likes.

Over the past two months alone Queen Bey has attracted 6 million more followers on social media platforms to grow to a current total of 177,6 million followers across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Her engagement per post on Instagram is over 2 million and 16 765 on Facebook.