‘Black don’t crack’: Everything you need to know about ageing

While the saying 'black don't crack' may be true to a certain extent, there's no denying that ageing is a natural process one can't avoid

No matter what skin type or race you are, ageing is one thing all women have in common. Beauty expert and owner of skincare brand Roxy Marosa Skincare, Roxy Marosa, explains that the skin produces a nutrient called gamma linolenic acid which helps the skin heal. The skin produces the nutrient until the age of 22, after which aging takes place.

“After the age of 22, you’re on your own in terms of ageing, she says. People are oblivious to changes on the face or body, because you see yourself everyday so changes arent drastic or visible, but they are there and will catch up.”

However, Marosa points out that starting to incorporate anti-aging products in your routine won’t stop aging as it is a natural process, but will rather slow it down. “The sooner you start, the better, because then you can maintain that healthy looking young skin for longer,” she says.

She says the longer you take, the more work to do and also see results.

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When it comes to anti-ageing, people focus on the face and hands, overlooking the neck, decollate and the body as a whole. “Your whole body goes through the ageing process. It’s important to note that ageing includes the whole body shrinking,” she says.

When it comes to choosing your anti-ageing products, you should avoid drying and acidic products like sulphate and lemon. “Drying products result in the skin losing moisture and having to overwork itself to replenish that lost moisture to remain elastic,” she says.

Dehydration causes dry skin, spots and lack of glow, therefore it’s advisable that you drink lots of water throughout the day. “Drink up to 3 litres of water a day or a glass every hour, because you dont want to drink too much but want to drink right through the day,” she says.

Honey, avocado are ingredients that one should look out for in anti-ageing products as they hydrate the skin.

Three anti-ageing products you should own: 

  • An eye cream – the skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore more fragile, allowing the signs of age and fatigue to appear quicker than on the rest of your skin. Eye creams can also help address other issues such as dryness and puffiness.
  • A good anti-ageing night cream – Most of the skin does it’s work during the night so make sure you get a good night cream that will target your skin concerns.
  • A hydrating moisturiser – The first signs of ageing are wrinkles which are a result of skin that’s drying, hence the importance of incorporating a nousrishing moisturiser into your skincare routine.