Rules for flattering your figure

If your goal is to have a leaner appearance especially around the tummy area, here are some tips to dress yourself slimmer

DESTINY’s Fashion Editor, Asanda Sizani gives us tips on what to do and what to avoid in order to appear slimmer, especially around the midriff area.

  • Use colour to camouflage

Colour-blocked clothing can give the illusion of a slimmer figure. Depending on the pattern, colour-blocking does wonders in making hips and your waist appear slimmer. When trying to hide your belly, go for dark colours around the tummy as they conceal and opt for bright colours to highlight the areas you’d like to enhance.

  • Choose tops that drape or have ruching details

If you want to want to hide your belly, don’t wear tight or clingy garments says Sizani. Choose tops that drape or have ruching detail and remember not to tuck your top in.

Also, diagonal items like wrap dresses, chevron prints, and asymmetrical hemlines with a downward-sloping angle will create a slimmer appearance.

Tip: Long jewellery like a necklace that creates a V-line down your neckline will tale attention from your belly. People will be too busy admiring your pretty accessory to pay attention to your stomach.

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  • Invest in shapewear

Whatever size you are, body shapers help to smooth out your silhouette. “When wearing form-fitting clothing, try make sure your undergarments offer support,” says Sizani.

If a waist trainer is your preference, that can be a good solution in smoothing out your stomach underneath your clothing.

  • A-Line skirt or dress

Another way of  distracting the eye away from your belly is to wear an A-line skirt or dress. It’s fitted at the waist and gracefully glides away from the hips and thighs, creating a subtle hourglass shape. “This distracts away from the stomach, making the focus about your shape,” she says. What’s even better is that this shape suits every women, regardless of shape or age.

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  • A well fitting, structured blazer

The beauty of a well structured blazer can be worn casually and formally. Also, a tailored blazer is timeless, feminine and looks good on all body types.

To structured blazer, especially when buttoned up creates a V-neck silhouette. “Button it up and enjoy the result of a defined shape,” she says.

  • Choose high waisted garments

High waisted jeans or skirts, hug your figure and force you to not only stand taller, but firmer too. High waisted items create the illusion of longer legs and a smaller waist, making you thinner than you actually are.