What I wish my mother had told me about pregnancy

Women share some of the surprising things they experienced during pregnancy

Women are amazing by the sheer fact that they can grow human beings inside their stomachs; and while pregnancy is not a marker for womanhood and shouldn’t be used to define a woman’s worth, it is one of the miracles of nature.

Being an incubator for the future generation can also come with “what the hell” moments. Pregnancy comes with some expected changes, from the dreaded nausea which according to some experts doesn’t always go away after the first three months. According to the United Kingdom’s National Health Service (NHS), “some women experience nausea and vomiting for longer than this, and about 1 woman in 10 continues to feel sick after week 20.”

You may also become a walking human map as prominent veins appear all over your body.

” You may develop spider veins—tiny blood vessels radiating out from a central area, like the legs of a spider—on your face, neck or arms,” explains Familydoctor.Org.

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A number of women who have had babies weigh in on what people wish they had been told about before they fell pregnant.

Asanda Mtshizana has a six-year-old daughter and says the feeling of isolation she experienced at some moments during her pregnancy came as a surprise. While there is the external support of a partner and medical practitioners, only you will be dealing with the changes happening to your body she says.

“Be ready to do it alone. You may not have someone go through the nausea and throwing up even with regular doctors visits,” she explains.

For Yamkela Zimela, pregnancy was not the joyous beautiful experience some mothers have and she wishes she knew that pregnancy can make her unattractive. Mom to a two-year-old, Zimela says she looked “hideous” throughout her pregnancy.

“By the time I was pregnant, I couldn’t wear make-up because I was almost ten shades darker than I normally am. I looked like a frog! I had acne that was like a beard surrounding my face,” she says.

She says she already has big features but her pregnancy made them even bigger than they were.

“My body started to gradually get darker from the legs up, my neck looked like I hadn’t bathed in months. It had an extra black layer and I had that on my thighs and my feet as well,” she laughs.

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Keitumetse Morapedi, who is a mother to an eleven-month-old son and another baby on the way, says her mother really didn’t  give her the talk about what she should expect during her pregnancy. Most of the things she knows were gleaned from regular visits on the net.

“My mum didn’t tell me much about pregnancy. So I just knew what I knew from Google. [That’s where I learnt about] the nausea, the cramps and the last month.” she says.  Maropedi admits that the last trimester was the most brutal time for her.

“The last months of pregnancy are the worst. You are heavy and tired and you can’t get enough sleep because you can’t get into a proper position,” she says.