Five coats every woman should own this winter

Our fashion editor, Asanda Sizani, shares her top five coats that will take you through the winter months

  1. Trench coat

Asanda says the trench coat is a perennial favourite because you can rock it all year round. “It’s that trusty coat, perfect for rainy weather or days that are a bit nippy,” she says. It’s also a stylish and flattering coat.

This wardrobe essential works well in the office because it’s a more formal look. Remember to cinch it at the waist with a belt for a sexier silhouette.

2. Single-breasted wool coat

This thick, warm coat lasts a lifetime, says Asanda. Whatever your budget, you’re sure to find a version of this classic coat.

“What’s great about a classic single-breasted coat is that it’s available at different price points, whether as a designer luxury brand or at a vintage, thrift or retail shop,” she says.

3. A parka

“This is an edgier version of an anorak – it’s like a cross between an anorak and a utility military jacket,” she says. Investing in a parka is a must because it’s a casual alternative that works well with jeans and as a weekend coat.


4. Faux-fur coat

Not only is this a current winter trend, it’s a classic item that has a ’70s vibe. Asanda says ladies should rock a faux-fur coat in bright colours, like bright green or purple, and patterned prints. “I love this type of coat: it’s a good statement piece that oozes boldness and confidence. If you’re daring, go for a striped or polka-dot coat, but my favourite is the shaggy bright faux fur.”

5. The easy-going coat

This type of coat doesn’t have buttons and is a cross between a kimono and a shrug. “Every woman needs something that’s embellish-free and that can be easily thrown on yet still looks amazing,” she says.

Asanda says those who love the minimalist look will appreciate this type of coat. “It doesn’t have decorative extras; it’s simple but still serves the purpose of keeping you warm while being stylish.” If you’re on the lookout for this coat, she recommends you check out local designer Kat van Duinen.