WATCH: The late Karabo Mokoena on the importance of loving yourself

Videos of the late Karabo Mokoena show her to be a generous young woman who wanted to change the lives of others with her words

Videos of Karabo Mokoena, whose grizzly murder has the country reeling, are being shared on social media following her death. The 22-year-old part-time student was brutally murdered in late April.

Her ex-boyfriend, Sandile Mantsoe, was arrested after her charred remains were found on 29 April in a veld in Bramley, Johannesburg. According to a Sunday Times report, Mokoena’s body had been burnt with acid and she had been necklaced.

The pair had reportedly had a physical altercation at a Sandton nightclub. They then left together and this was the last time the young woman was seen alive.

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Her murder reinvigorated the conversation around the aberrant levels of gender-based violence in the country. A study by the The Medical Research Council in 2009 found that a woman dies every eight hours at the hand of her partner in South Africa.

Following a visit to South Africa in 2015, UN human rights expert Dubravka Šimonovic attributed the violence against women to the country’s apartheid history, which “still resonates profoundly in today’s South African society dominated by deeply entrenched patriarchal attitudes towards the role of women in society, which makes violence against women and children an almost accepted social phenomenon”.

Before her death, Mokoena reportedly laid charges of assault against Mantsoe.

The videos, one of which has been viewed thousands of times, show her to be an intelligent, positive young woman, who wanted to empower others with her words.

Watch the videos below:



Additional Reporting: Sunday Times