Four summer items you can wear in winter

Don't worry – your favourite summer items can still be worn after winter creeps in

Slip dress 

Believe it or not, you can rock your sexy slip dress in winter, too. Depending on the colour, you can pair it with matching stockings and a turtleneck underneath. The important thing in winter is to layer, so try wearing a long-sleeved vest underneath the turtleneck to make sure you’re warm.


Wear your summer shorts over dark, opaque leggings and ankle boots. Pair this with a blazer or a leather jacket. If the fabric of your shorts is light, pair them with a chunky sweater or over-sized knit jersey.



The pleated skirt 

The pleated skirt made a major comeback this summer and you’d best believe you don’t have to put it away now that winter is here. Pair it with stockings, a classic heel and a faux fur coat.

When choosing a pleated skirt, look for:

  • Styles with a wide, slightly low-slung band that will define your waist and hips and balance the fabric below.
  • Fullness: The size of the pleat doesn’t matter, but make sure the volume isn’t overwhelming.
  • Hem: The best thing about full skirts is that they make your legs seem slimmer. This type of skirt is flattering whether it sits below or above the knee.

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The sleeveless blazer/jacket 

The sleeveless jacket has been a popular item for all seasons. We love its versatility. This beautiful piece can either be styled with a midi winter dress with sneakers, or with plain pants and a chiffon top.

It allows for more mix and matching. Pair it with a plain vest for a casual look or a  textured turtleneck for a more sophisticated look. Whatever combination you choose, you’ll be able to survive the chilly weather while looking fabulous.

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