Often, dwelling on these past struggles could cause you to continue mismanaging your money, or lose more, instead of creating and accumulating your desired fortune.

By doing so, we are heading for self-depreciation and desperation, instead of investing in inspiration.  If you constantly judge your approach to managing money, rather than transforming it, it could cause you to make even more unwise decisions when it comes to the allocation of your funds. To get your money management approach on track, you will first have to truly value the purpose of making, saving and investing money.

It is wise to educate yourself financially and place the management of your money into the hands of someone who knows how to manage it and make it grow.

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Adopting this mindset can seem simple. However, many fail to approach their finances in this manner, often waiting until they’ve almost hit rock bottom to force themselves to value money enough to have it managed wisely.

I recommend a simple two-step approach to transforming your relationship with money and investing in inspiration to accumulate financial wealth.

Start appreciating money

If you don’t strive to appreciate what money represents as you receive it, you will probably not retain it for long. Money will follow and end up in the hands of those who appreciate and value it the most, particularly when you take the time to become well versed in its wise management.

Those who devalue money will spend their lives working for it and ultimately squander it on depreciating consumables. When you value money, you use and invest it to enhance the lives of others and reap the profitable benefits.

Link money to your highest values

When you link building a business that serves ever-greater numbers of people, managing it to maximise its profits and saving an ever-greater portion of your profits to whatever is currently highest on your set of values, you will continue to add to your wealth-building potential.

If you do not truly value these three actions, you will probably squander your hard-earned money on other people’s brands, instead of building your own.

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Write down hundreds of reasons, advantages and benefits why building and efficiently managing a great business that serves ever-greater numbers of people, and saving and investing the profits will contribute to the things you deem most important.

List as many reasons as you can and stay engaged with this writing process. Let the things and people you care about inspire you. Your self-worth and net worth will then begin to head upward.

By linking the accumulation of financial wealth to your current highest values, you will see beyond your past financial ways and struggles. Investing in areas that inspire you and support your highest values will allow you to create more money than you once thought possible.

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