Solange pens love letter to her younger self

Solange Knowles' letter to her teenage self is tender, raw and powerful

Singer, songwriter and creative artist Solange Knowles has written a powerful and inspirational letter to her younger self in Teen Vogue. The Grammy Award-winning artist wrote a poignant love letter to her teenage self on fear, triumph over failure and owning uniqueness.

“There will be fear. A lot of it. There will be triumph. A lot of it. There will be constellations you want to reach for, but can’t put your finger on. You will trace them like the scars on your body you got from trouble and the times of your life. You will take the long way to get to these Orions. The long way will become a theme in your life, but a journey you learn to love,” she wrote.

The singer is no stranger to baring her soul. This year, Knowles won her first Grammy for Best R&B Performance for Cranes in the Sky. In a candid discussion with sister Beyoncé that was featured in Interview Magazine, she said she had written the song after breaking up with the father of her son, Jules. The song dealt with themes of “self-doubt, self-pity and a sense of emptiness”.

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In this tender and lyrical note, Knowles was not afraid to talk about falling apart due to pressure and dealing with the darkness of feeling alone.

“You shut down. You go into your room, lock the door, put on music and do not move for eight hours straight. It will feel like the heaviest and bleakest darkness you can possibly feel and when you ask everyone to leave you alone and let you be, what you really want to say is: “I want you here” and “I need help”.

Knowles also wrote lovingly about her mother Tina Lawson, thanking her for raising her and her two siblings and expressing admiration for the way in which she built her business from the garage. She also lauded her mother’s passion, grace and drive for community upliftment as the reason she grew up to be “fiercely independent and outgoing”.

Her letter has been described as powerful, with actress Tracee Ellis Ross calling it “a beautiful declaration of self-hood”.


In the end, the singer muses that “there will be pain, there will be doubt, there will be beauty, there will be the unknown”, but ultimately, “there will be you. A whole, whole lot of it. And you will feel good about who she is and who she is still becoming”.

Source: Teen Vogue