Khoza’s home address in Durban was distributed on social media last week by the ANC Youth League’s eThekwini chapter, City Press reported.

The league had called on its members to picket outside the house where the single mother’s children live and she had been advised to stay away, “because harm was in my way if I were to do so”.

She told News24 on Monday that she had written to ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu about the new threats, but was still waiting for a response.

ANC acting caucus spokesperson Nonceba Mhlauli on Monday said that Mthembu had received the latest complaint and was looking into the matter.

Parliament spokesperson Moloto Mothapo said Speaker Baleka Mbete had yet to be made aware of the latest threats.

“We’ll await interaction between the Speaker and Chairperson Khoza regarding the matter,” Moloto said.

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“The Speaker would obviously be appraised of the matter through such interaction and possibly pronounce. Therefore, we’d rather not preempt such engagement at this stage.”

‘Amoral leader’

Khoza also received death threats in March after conducting an oversight visit in Mpumalanga, as chairperson of the portfolio committee on public service and administration.

She had been critical of the way a Mpumalanga-based hospital and its management had been running the institution.

She told News24 at the time that, as a politician, she was used to receiving threats, but was still concerned when they were threats to her life, rather than her job or reputation.

Khoza’s latest spat with the youth league in the region was sparked after she posted on Facebook last week that she could not, in good conscience, vote for an “amoral leader”, but would rather vote for the party’s survival.

“When truth decomposes, duplicity thrives. Admittedly, none of the MPs are directly elected,” her post read.

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“My political moral conscience signature is the ANC Constitution, notably Rule 4.17. Please read it.

“I therefore cannot be expected to vote for an amoral leader whose behavioural practices liquidates the ANC at a speed faster than a spacecraft.”

‘Think ANC, not personalities’

eThekwini Youth League members commented on the post, calling her disloyal and demanding that she be sacked.

“Well done, comrades! I understand you want me to be recalled or disciplined. My answer to that is towards the end of this free ANC moral conscience lecture,” she replied.

“Next step: read and debate the ANC Constitution Rule 4.17. Threats, intimidation, violence and intolerance are strictly forbidden. You are urged to advance your argument. Think ANC, not personalities.

“Should you wish to invite me to facilitate the session as your senior comrade, you are more than welcome.”

Khoza first went public with her views in April, with a post on Facebook about the “injudiciousness” of ANC leaders, saying the ruling party’s “triumphant story has turned tragic in my lifetime”.

– News24 Wire