Thigh-high boots

Invest in thigh-high boots whether in suede or leather, says ELLE’s fashion editor, Asanda Sizani. “Thigh-high boots are an all-season accessory and, with proper styling, can work for various occasions, both during the day or at night,” she says.

As daywear, pair your boots with shorts, stockings and a cute cardigan, or go for jeans and a cute, relaxed top. At night, turn up the heat by wearing them with a fitted mini skirt or metallic dress.

These boots are also available as flats, so go for the option you’re likely to wear the most.

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Angnes boots 

When shopping for boots, go for something that looks good, is comfortable and will last. These boots are classy and will give you years of wear.

They’re also versatile and can be worn in every season: in summer, pair them with culottes or cropped pants; in winter, rock them with jeans or stockings.


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Ankle boots 

As conventional as the ankle boot is, it’s suitable for any time of the year. You’ll look stylish and have a shoe that works under any conditions, be it chilly summer nights, rainy days or cold winters. They also come as flats or heels.

The ankle boot comes in a variety of styles and goes with just about anything, from a floral dress to jeans. During the day, try a fun flat pair with leggings or jeans.

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Open-toe boots 

These are an awesome way to show off your pretty toes (just make sure they’re manicured) on days when it isn’t too cold. These boots also enhance any outfit, whether casual or slightly formal.

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