A study by Lazeeva (a company that makes erotic gadgetry) suggests that Joburg is South Africa’s most sexually open-minded city.

Over 200 cities from around the world were surveyed, before a final list of 100 was compiled. The criteria used included the libido of residents, how much porn they watched and the adult entertainment offered in the city. In addition, cities were judged on their access to modern contraception, a positive attitude to the LGBT community, sexual experimentation and the use of sex toys and the most-searched term in each city.

Paris took the number one spot and the mantle of being the most open and tolerant attitude towards sex and sexuality. Joburg was number 52, followed by Cape Town in 53rd spot. Durban took the 68th spot.

Although Capetonians were more sexually experimental, Joburgers used more sex toys and were significantly more sexually active. The world’s least sexually liberated city is Cork in Ireland.

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A previous article in DESTINY suggested that you look out for the below to know whether you’ve found your sexual soulmate:

Matching sex drives

There is nothing more upsetting than wanting to make love to an uninterested partner. It is normal for one partner to have a less vigorous sex drive at times, but if this becomes a habit, it can lead to conflict. Ensure you’re with someone who can match you when it comes to how much sex you want.

Open communication

No-one is a mind reader. Your partner will not be able to guess what you like in bed. Being with someone with whom you feel you can have open and honest communication about your desires will increase your chances of being satisfied. Ensure you talk when you’re both feeling comfortable and don’t be shy about suggesting new things.

They’re interested in your pleasure

If you’re with someone who is concerned only with getting what they want, there might be a problem. Consider the rule “three before me”, which states that your partner should ensure you orgasm three times before they do. While three times might seem unattainable for some, the fact that your partner has your pleasure in mind means they’re putting effort into making sure you’re also having a good time.