Portia Lekhuleni on her makeup and lipstick brand

One of the things that Portia Lekhuleni has learnt about being an entrepreneur is that not every venture will work out

While some people may see failure as defeat, Lekhuleni doesn’t believe that it means giving up, but sees it as an opportunity to re-assess and try again.

In 2014, she established Scents by Posh, a venture that focused on selling perfumes and skincare products. But the business, which was her only source of income, didn’t do well.

The failure of that business, however, birthed a new venture, which she started with her husband, Itumeleng Moshime: Waist Health, a healthy lifestyle brand.

The company offers a wide range of products that includes weight-loss products and organic skincare products. “The company is doing well. We have 70 registered distributors, with around 54 of them active,” she says.

This has inspired Lekhuleni to re-launch her beauty brand, but instead of focusing on perfumes, she is producing her own brand of lipstick creams, matte lipsticks and makeup.

“The quality of our products is amazing – of an international standard.

“Right now, we are busy with the matte lipsticks. I put all the colours and base ingredients together. I know with matte lipsticks, there are a lot of counterfeit items on the market. I have been a victim of that myself – my lips were burnt,” she says.

She adds that she sources only the best ingredients and instructs the company that manufactures the lipsticks for her on what to do. For now, Lekhuleni says she is not into mass production and only produces a few units so that she can save on costs. She says that if you want to succeed as an entrepreneur, it is important to follow your passion.

She says she’s had moments when she’s felt discouraged and thought of giving up entrepreneurship and going back to a salaried job, but because she loves the independence of being an entrepreneur, she dusts herself off and gets back on track.

Her aim is to build the brand to an international level. “I know that it is possible for an African brand to do well globally,” she says.