5 tips to make your fragrance last longer

These five tips will ensure that your fragrance lasts throughout the day

In an earlier interview with DESTINY, Anthony Wray, national fragrance trainer for Poochs and associated brands, says that due to the way fragrances are created these days, their ability to last varies.

“When you’re choosing a fragrance, you’re choosing a lifestyle, a dream,” said Wray. So it stands to reason that one would want that dream to last all day, but this doesn’t always happen.

  • Know the different concentrations

Perfume is available in different concentrations. Eau de parfum (EDP) is more concentrated, usually lasts longer and is more expensive.

Eau de toilette (EDT) is less concentrated. So if you’re looking for greater longevity, invest in an EDP.

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  •  Layer your fragrance

Many perfume houses offer a complete range of bath and body products for a fragrance. Using different products with the same scent at the same time is called layering, and it’s the best way of creating a long-lasting effect.

You can layer your products in various ways. For example, you can start with a shower gel for an all-over layer of fragrance. Next, apply the body lotion for moisture and as a second layer of scent, and finally, you can lightly spritz your perfume on your pulse points.

  • Make sure your body-care products are not heavily scented

The ideal situation, as mentioned above is to use the same brand for your body lotion, fragrance and soap, but this can be very expensive.

“It’s best to use products that aren’t heavily scented or are scent-free. Most shower gels are only very lightly scented, with their fragrance lasting only about an hour after a shower,” says Wray. “You get about four hours from your eau de toilettes and an eau de parfum can carry you for about nine hours,” he says.

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  • Store your fragrances wisely

Wray advises: “Keep your fragrance in a cool, dark place and not on the bathroom counter. Keep it away from the sun, that’s just basic care.”

  • Less is more

One of the biggest mistakes we make is applying too much perfume. Remember that less is more, and if you can continuously smell your perfume, you overdid it.

The rule is that you should only be able to smell your fragrance in soft, occasional wafts.