This season’s hottest accessory is all about helping you save. With the world embracing technology as a seamless part of day-to-day life, it seemed a natural evolution for Sanlam to celebrate National Savings Month (July) with functional fashion that gives people the power to save stylishly. Designed by world-renowned local designer Laduma Ngxokolo in collaboration with Sanlam, Mna Nam is the first accessory to take wearable tech to the financial sphere.

Says Ngxokolo, “I find the functional fashion trend fascinating, especially as I’ve just completed my masters in Material Futures. To be iconic, fashion needs to serve a purpose and add value. People are increasingly looking to fashion for day-to-day solves that make life better. That’s the direction Mna Nam takes us in. It’s beautiful, and it also repurposes simple existing technology to remove barriers to saving.”

It’s becoming the norm for every aspect of life to have an integrated digitised component. Calories, heart rate, brainwaves, productivity, mood and more are all monitored, so shouldn’t finances be as well? Mna Nam’s embedded QR code links to a virtual Savings Wallet on the wearer’s mobile phone. This makes it as easy to scan and save as it is to swipe and spend. And, it serves as an exquisite visual reminder on the wearer’s arm to remind them to do so – fast and simply, without the admin usually associated with money matters.

Making saving stylish, Mna Nam has already adorned the arm of many a local celeb and is making waves in the worlds of finance and fashion for its contemporary execution and smart capabilities.

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