Three ways to boost your sex drive

Here's how to maintain intimacy in your relationship and revive the passion

Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) include issues that range from lack of interest in sexual activity and difficulty with sexual arousal to reduced intensity of orgasms and painful intercourse.

Fortunately, most of these problems can be treated. The key lies in admitting there’s a problem and seeking help, Johannesburg-based psychiatrist and sexologist Dr Bernard Levinson said in a previous article in DESTINY.

You could be experiencing a loss in desire for sex for several reasons. For example, taking medication for any condition could impact your sex drive. Then there are psychological issues such as stress, poor body image, low self-esteem, depression and inhibition which need to be explored, either in couples counselling or in one-on-one therapy with a sexologist.

Once underlying physical factors have been ruled out, it’s time to reassess your relationship with your partner. “Therapy should focus on the couple and the way they communicate,” according to Dr Levinson.

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“In many cases, a woman may have lost her desire for sex with her partner because of trust issues – whether real or suspected. If she believes her man has disinvested from the relationship and is wanting sexual gratification elsewhere, it can be very difficult for her to enter the lovemaking experience without anxiety.”

Try these three tips to reignite the spark:

Replace bubbly with red wine 

According to a study in the The Journal of Sexual Medicine, and quoted in Health, drinking a glass of red every day results in higher levels of sexual desire for women as well as better vaginal lubrication, compared to indulging in other kinds of alcohol occasionally or not imbibing at all.

Develop a positive self-image 

The way you perceive your body can control your sexuality. Only when you start loving and appreciating your body will you regain your sex drive. If being overweight is an issue for you, see a dietician for a nutritionally sound weight loss plan and start exercising regularly.

Treat yourself to a few hours at a beauty salon or wellness spa, have your hair done and spend some money on sexy clothes. If your loss of sexual desire persists, see a therapist to rule out underlying causes such as depression.

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Be spontaneous 

Hotel quickies aren’t reserved only for undercover lovers. Add some spice to your sex life while making every minute count by booking a room at your favourite hotel (close to home) for an hour or two. Organise for your partner to meet you there, tell your colleagues or business partner that you’re running out for lunch, then get down to “business”. Your colleagues will be wondering about your post-lunch smirk, but the secret stays with you and your man.