Which day of the week is your partner most likely to cheat?

A website that encourages extra-marital affairs has done research into when people are most likely to start cheating

Many of us were raised on a steady diet of stories in which the hero and heroine ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after and believe, to a degree, that it is what true love is supposed to be. Unfortunately, the emergence of websites like Ashley Madison and Victoria Milan, which allow married people to pursue extra-marital affairs, shows that cheating is a reality with which we all need to contend.

The people at Victoria Milan have taken time out from facilitating infidelity to do a spot of research on when people are more likely to send naughty messages to people with whom they are not in a relationship. The team observed the trends of 5,8 million active members from 32 countries across the world to determine when during the week married people are most likely to have an affair or flirt with a third party.

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The results are in and according to the study,  hard-working South Africans like to focus on work during most of the week and tend to leave their dubious texting for a Thursday.

“South Africa, Canada and Japan all seem to focus on getting work-related tasks under control during the week, but allow themselves to log in on Thursdays, leaving their browsing, chatting and flirting as a delicious reward to collect as the week quiets down and comes to a close,’ the study found.

DESTINY’s own modest inquiry into the dark world of infidelity found there are many reasons people cheat. For women, these include lack of emotional fulfilment, revenge, a lack of certainty on where they stand in the relationship, feeling under-appreciated and a lack of intimacy.

According to GQ, men cheat for different reasons, such as not valuing what they have, low self-esteem, addiction and “missing something” in their relationships.

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If you are interested in knowing when you need to keep a close eye on your partner’s phone, the researchers have an answer for you.

“The majority of intimate moments between married people and their lovers are set up via the Internet on weekdays, and most online flirts and chats take place between 2pm and 8pm each day, injecting some new energy into the afternoon slump,” the researchers found.

Source: Victoria Milan, GQ