Four types of jeans every woman should own

Jeans are a wardrobe staple – here are four styles to invest in

ELLE’s beauty and fashion director Asanda Sizani tells us which styles to go for and how to wear them.

High-waisted jeans

Sizani says high-waisted jeans are flattering and look good on most women. She suggests you try on denims before buying them, despite its type, to ensure it fits well.

“High-waisted jeans are versatile: you can wear them with a gorgeous blouse tucked in and a pair of heels for an office look,” she says.

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Drop-crotch jeans

Drop-crotch jeans fit snugly on the waist but are baggy around the crotch area. “It’s designed in such a way that the crotch area of the jeans is dropped lower,” says Sizani

Drop-crotch jeans aren’t the same as boyfriend jeans. “With boyfriend jeans, the whole leg area is baggy; drop-crotch can have a different leg, like a tapered leg, and the focus is on the crotch area.”

Sizani adds that it’s a good option if you’re going for something casual. “For a weekend look, drop-crotch jeans look great with a pair of sneakers.”

Cropped jeans 

“What I love about cropped jeans is that you can show off your shoe better, like if you’re wearing strappy heels,” she says.

She adds that Levi’s has a tailor at the store who can adjust the jeans to your desired length. “Make sure it’s a few centimetres above the ankle.”

Dark-coloured jeans 

“If you’re wearing faded or ripped jeans, they can come off as too casual for work,” says Sizani. She says dark jeans look great with a blazer and can sometimes be a good replacement for trousers.

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How to keep your denims in tip-top shape:

Avoid washing your jeans too often, buying director for Levi SA Oliver Pywell told us in a previous interview in DESTINY.

He says people have varying opinions on the matter. “Most people want to wash their jeans more often than they should, mostly after every wear, especially the female consumer,” he says.

But it’s better to wash denim as few times as possible, he explains. “Obviously people like to wear clean clothes, but the less you wash denim, the better it will end up wearing.”

He adds that if you wore a pair of jeans every day for a week and washed it, your jeans will begin to create a natural wear pattern and the colours will start to blend well. “Washing your jeans too often will strip the colour, resulting in them fading really quickly,” he says.