[Watch] Deputy Minister’s ‘assault video’ surfaces

In the video clip, three men can be seen dragging a woman down as she tries to rise

The video of Deputy Minister of Higher Education Mduduzi Manana is doing the rounds on social media and it has since surfaced that two women were reportedly involved in the brawl.

TimesLive reported on Monday that Mandisa Duma claimed that she, her friend and her cousin were with Manana and four of his friends at the Cubana restaurant when he chased them out of the venue.

Duma reportedly claimed that while walking out, Manana slapped her cousin across the face after she made a comment about his sexuality, before turning on her in the parking lot.

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An eyewitness, journalist Lumko Jimlongo, has identified Manana from the video clip.

“I’ve got the video in front of me and I can tell you now that Manana is wearing the cap with the white tip at the front. He is the one who can be seen beating the woman countless times,” Jimlongo was quoted as saying by TimesLive.

In the video, three men can be seen dragging one of the women down as she tries to get up, while bouncers can be seen standing by idly. Manana can be seen wearing a black T-shirt and a black and white cap. Duma has reportedly filed charges at the Douglasdale police station and obtained a case number. It is still not clear if the other women have followed suit.

Earlier, an audio clip in which the Deputy Minister apparently admits to slapping a woman circulated on social media.

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The assault allegedly took place over the weekend at Cubana in Fourways, north of Johannesburg. A man – identified as Manana in the recording – initially denies that he had any involvement in the assault, claiming that the two female victims were to blame for what happened to them.

“They started assaulting us, called us gay. Me specifically. Then there was a confrontation and there was fighting. The people who hit them were the guys I was with,” he says, speaking in isiZulu.

A man who claims to be the brother of one of the women threatens to acquire footage of the event, which he says could ruin Manana’s reputation. Manana then admits to slapping one of the women for calling him gay.

“My brother, when she swore at me, calling me gay, I slapped her,” he said.

Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said in a statement that he has noted the disturbing allegations of assault levelled against Manana. “A case of assault has been opened with the South African Police Service. Protection of women and vulnerable groups are the number one priority of the police ministry,” the statement reads.

Mbalula maintains that victims of abuse and gender-based violence who go to SAPS stations with cases of assault must be treated with respect as genuine victims and given appropriate feedback.

“Women deserve love and protection from all of us. The police must be given space to investigate this case without fear or favour, no-one is above the law, irrespective of their position in society,” Mbalula added.

Additional reporting by TimesLive