How to prevent pumps from smelling

Pumps are a great alternative to heels, especially now that Spring is around the corner but how do you prevent the smelly odour that often develops over time?

An article in Fortune cited in DESTINYreported that more and more women are ditching their heels in favour of flats. “In fact, to some women in their 20s and 30s, wearing high heels is something the bosses do, but they aren’t following in those footsteps,” says the report.

Some women find pumps as a great alternative to wearing heels but often struggle with the odour and sweating feet.

Asanda Sizani, Fashion and Beauty Director for ELLE explains that what makes pumps get that funky foot smell is due to the lack of air because pumps are closed. “Pumps often smell because the foot has direct contact with the leather and they aren’t aired for hours, she says.

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According to Soft Star Shoes  when feet aren’t ventilated, the contained sweat and warmth become a breeding ground for smelly bacteria—very smelly bacteria. This bacteria lives on your feet, in your socks and all over your favorite shoes.

Sizani gives these tips to help with the unpleassant smell that often come with rocking a pair of pumps:

  • Try not to wear them everyday. “Due to the fact that pumps are flat and comfortable, they tend to become a staple and everyday shoe. If you’re earing your pumps for long periods of time, they will become smelly,” she says. Asanda adds that you should avoid wearing pumps when it’s too hot because the feet are naturally sweaty on days like those. “Weather conditions can make the unpleasant worse,” she says.
  • Own multiple pairs – A great way to prevent pumps from smelling and ensuring longevity is to own more than one pair and alternate these, says Sizani. Also, when you let the shoes breathe, they will air out the bacteria that has caused the smell.
  • Use baking soda – Sodium bicarbonate is reported to effectively remove the odour from smelly shoes as it acts as a natural deoderizer and kills germs. “Sprinkling a couple teaspoons of baking soda into your shoes overnight will help reduce the smell,”reports  Soft Star Shoes.
  • Use a foot spray – Smelly Feet Cures reports that the crux of curing smelly feet is the use of a quality Antiperspiramt Foot Spray; try Dis Chem or your local pharmacy.
  • Keep feet clean – Getting rid of smelly shoes starts with washing the feet thoroughly. Asanda says it’s vital that you wash feet daily with an antibacterial soap and use a foot scrub weekly to rid your feet of bacteria and their odor.