Being Bonang struggles to draw viewers

According to the latest viewership numbers from the Broadcast Research Council (BRC), Bonang Matheba's reality show has failed to make the top 30 list of most watched shows on DStv

Bonang Matheba’s reality show, Being Bonang, aired on 14 July and garnered fewer than the 327,831 viewers who tuned in to watch Mzansi Magic’s telenovela Isithembiso, which occupies the 30th spot on DStv’s list of most watched shows, according to Times Live. The channel aired three episodes of the show in July.

Olwethu Mlotshwa, who directs Somizi Mhlongo’s reality show, Living the Dream with Somizi, was brought in to help co-direct and produce Being Bonang, according to Times Live.

In a previous interview with DESTINY, Matheba admitted that the decision to do a reality show was not an easy one, and had toyed with the idea for at least five years.

“I’m a very private person,” she said. “Even laying the intricacies of my life in my book was difficult. But I felt like I wanted people to see how the magic is created.”

Matheba said that the public scrutiny that often comes with a reality show wouldn’t bother her, adding that she’s accustomed to dealing with criticism, having been in the entertainment industry for 13 years.

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Mlotshwa said the low viewership numbers could partly be due to the show’s time slot.

“From the numbers we have so far, Bonang’s show is doing very well, especially since it’s in such a tough time slot,” he said. “I’ve watched the reaction to the show closely and I think the problem is that people have unrealistic expectations. They think it will be the same Bonang they saw on Live Amp, but Bonang is older and she is different.”

Matheba’s manager, Sylvester Chauke, on the other hand said the ratings are completely inaccurate. “The show has been on air for only three weeks; it’s inaccurate to compare the show to others that have been on air for longer. Being Bonang is the most watched show on Vuzu by far,” he said.

Mlotshwa added that the reality show is different to other shows of its kind because “Bonang is not a wild person whose life is filled with drama”.

“Somizi was born in the industry and was always a star,” he said. “Bonang is just a queen and so their approach to life is different. I saw a lot of differences, but at the end of the day I can only direct the cameras, not her.”