Petition calls for supermarkets to get rid of white dolls

The Black Centric Forum will send the petition to Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Parliament for consideration

The psychological implications of white dolls on black children has prompted the group called Black Centric Forum to launch a petition against the sale of these dolls in black communities.

The forum founder, Vukulu Maphindani, told DESTINY that it launched the petition at the end of last month and will send it to Shoprite, Pick n Pay and Parliament for consideration. “The black dolls don’t necessarily have to be produced by black people – we need to understand the psychological effect of white dolls on our black communities,” he said.

The petition available online states that white dolls have for years psychologically “remote-controlled” black babies to be intimate with white people more than they do with members of their own race. The mental programming executed by the relationship the black baby has with these toys is of paramount importance and cannot be ignored.

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“The doctrine of inferiority upon black people was not born within them, but they are taught very early in life to submit to and honour white people more than they do their own black people and different devices have been used to make this possible with the white doll genealogy being the most respected toy by black babies. This makes it possible for black children to grow up with an inferiority complex,” the petition read.

According to this petition, the majority of baby dolls present in every major supermarket are white baby dolls, but the majority of people in this country are black people.

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“Our independent appeal in this regard therefore is; all white baby dolls should be humbly and completely removed from shops operating in black communities and the black baby doll production should be endorsed to flourish and fill these shops because the ‘doll technique’ overwhelm has achieved a remarkable and ultimate end for so many years and we believe time’s up for indoctrination, mis-education, dehumanisation and psychological remote control,” the petition said.

Maphindani, the author of a book titled Message to a Blackman in Africa (WDA Publishing), said they hope to see black dolls being sold at major retail shops across South Africa. He said they were tired of the inferiority that comes with being black.

“All we want is for all white dolls to be completely removed from shops operating in black communities and for companies producing black dolls to feature in the market‚” he said.

The petition has attracted 78 endorsements and needs 22 more to reach its target.