Dubbed Telkom LIT, the service will allow customers who are on FreeMe 2GB packages and higher to stream movies, TV series, videos and music on demand without incurring any extra data costs.

The offering forms part of the telecommunications giant’s strategy to boost its mobile business unit’s revenue and  attract new subscribers.

“Last year, we revolutionised the mobile industry by launching FreeMe, giving South Africans access to data at a cost that was previously unimaginable. This year, we launched Unlimited Home, giving fixed-line consumers unlimited data and higher speeds,” Telkom Consumer CEO Attila Vitai said.

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“We have already focused on disrupting the data market. Now, we are upping our game to provide our customers with compelling proposition for all the data we’ve given them. Our LIT offer enables South Africans to access world-class, on-demand streaming content, without incurring additional data costs. We believe this is a game-changer.”

Telkom have teamed up with Showmax, Netflix, YouTube, DStv Online and Google Play Movies for its video streaming and Google Play Music, Apple Music, iTunes and Simfy Africa for its music-streaming service LIT Music.

“When customers stream content from these sites, it will not be deducted from their FreeMe data bundles. This is aimed at really transforming the way South Africans consume digital entertainment,” he said.

To take advantage of the free streaming service, you will need to view the video content in standard definition. An HD version is available, but can only be accessed by disabling the zero-rating which enables the service to operate without chowing data.

Although subscription costs for content providers are not included, they can be deducted from customers from customers’ Telkom accounts through its reverse carrier billing option with some providers, Telkom said.

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“We are excited to be offering free YouTube streaming particularly as this is a free content platform. The popularity of YouTube is unparalleled, we believe that this offer, as well as our zero-rated music streaming offer will be a huge drawcard for new customers,” he said adding that the company are working on bringing more content partners on board.

LIT is available in three guises:

  • LIT Music: This service is available for customers on Telkom’s FreeMee 2GB, 5GB, 10GB and 20GB packages
  • LIT Video: This service is available to customers of FreeMe packages above 5GB
  • LIT TV: This service is available to Unlimited ADSL, Fibre and LTE SmartBroadband subscribers and offers customers a LIT TVC 100 media box that transforms a regular TV into a smart one.