WATCH: Rihanna proves that beauty comes in all shapes and shades

Rihanna has shown established beauty brands that people can be beautiful in many different and interesting ways with the launch of Fenty Beauty

When she is not slaying on the red carpet and serving looks on Instagram, Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty  is building an empire and showing the world how beauty comes in many different and divine forms.

Over the weekend, the actress, musician, designer and entrepreneur finally released a teaser for her long-awaited beauty line, Fenty Beauty, and it is everything!

In a time when the question of diversity in the beauty industry is on everyone’s glossy lips, Rihanna managed to show long-established brands what it actually looks like.  The teaser for Rihanna’s first product,  a holographic lipstick, features women from various racial groups, with skin tones ranging from dark to pale. It also features a plus-sized model. One of the many models in the advert has no hair and charming gap teeth, while another slays in a black hijab.

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Former supermodel Iman is one of the people who have spoken out against the lack of diversity in the beauty industry. It is the reason that the modelling icon started her own makeup range, Iman Cosmetics. “Even after being a model for so many years, I couldn’t find proper foundation,” she said in an interview with I-D

Instead of resting on their laurels and waiting for big brands to accommodate their beauty needs, black women are starting their own brands. Rihanna now joins women like Iman and the creators of local beauty brand Miss London Cosmetics.

Watch the video below

Additional reporting: I-D