“We will remain friends” – Trevor Gumbi and his wife on their split

Trevor Gumbi took to social media to share an official joint statement confirming that he and his estranged wife are no longer together

Comedian Trevor Gumbi and his estranged wife, Lucille Gumbi, have confirmed in a joint statement that they are no longer together.

“We would like to set the record straight on the announcement of our separation. We have been separated for some time, learning to co-parent and ensure a smooth transition of circumstances for the sake of our children,” the statement read.

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“We had decided to not make our separation public until we were able to successfully manage the process, which we now have.”

The confirmation has been made public due to the fact that Gumbi will soon announce a new comedy tour based on his experience during this process. “We felt it was time to let everyone know before any assumptions were made,” said the statement.

It was also made clear that the former couple will remain friends and continue to work together on upcoming projects.