Lack of oral sex a deal-breaker for most cheaters – study

People involved in extramarital affairs take oral sex very seriously, according to a new study

A new study by popular extramarital dating site Victoria Milan has made an interesting finding with regard to the desires of people who are looking to get involved in an extramarital affair.

According to the study, individuals looking for extramarital partners place oral sex high on the agenda.

Victoria Milan surveyed 9 107 active male and female members for the study.

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“When you’re desperately in love with someone, your desire is so strong you want to eat them, taste them, consume every part of them. Out of love, you will continually perform oral sex. It’s a sign of love. desire and admiration,” said Sigurd Vedal, the founder and CEO of Victoria Milan.

“If your partner is lying back and enjoying the act, but only reciprocates every so often, you can safely say you’re more in love with them than they are wth you – and they are definitely enjoying the ride.”

While we can’t confirm whether giving oral sex to your partner is a sign of a “deeper love”, about 68% of men and 65% of women consider it a deal-breaker if a sexual partner does not have any desire to engage in the act.

The majority of both men and women indicated that they preferred to receive oral sex, rather than give it.