Mbuyiseni Ndlozi opens up about his absent father

The story of absent fathers in South Africa is one that we've all heard too many times

EFF spokesperson and MP Dr Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has shared his own story of how his mother had to struggle on her own to raise him.

Speaking to Iman Rappetti on Power FM, Ndlozi shared how he only met his father in his adulthood and how that experience helped him to realise the important role his mother had played in his life. His father was one of the people who Ndlozi had to interview for his PhD thesis.

“The parenting that my mother gave me was enough and was complete,” he says.

Ndlozi says his father tried to persuade him to be in his life. “There’s a point where he says: ‘switch off the recorder’, talking about why I should be in his life, why I should meet my sisters and brothers and the rest of his family. I tell him: ‘I don’t mind, because I don’t hold it against you. Actually, my mother never demonised you,'” he says.

He adds that he asked his father to explain what made him family. He says that he hasn’t made contact with his father since that interview.

He is, however, grateful that he got the opportunity to meet his father, as the experience made him realise that his mother was enough for him.

Ndlozi recently received his PhD from Wits University .

Listen to the interview: