Why Xolani Gwala will be off 702 indefinitely

On Friday, 702 breakfast host Xolani Gala explained why he hasn't been on air these past couple of weeks

Gwala, who hosts the popular Breakfast Show on 702, has been off the airwaves for the past few weeks and will continue to be off indefinitely due to what he says are medical challenges.

Steven Grootes has been standing in for him in the meantime. In a voice note played this morning on the show, Gwala gave some insight to what has been going in his personal life.

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“Firstly, I’d like to thank 702 members, who, for the past couple of weeks, have been sending me messages [and] sending emails to the station wondering about my whereabouts and showing concern about my wellbeing and what is going on with me,” Gwala said.

“I would like to inform you that currently I’m facing a medical challenge. The medical team is still examining the nature of this medical challenge and that process is underway. When we are all clear about what it is, I’ll come back and let you know, but it is a serious medical challenge.”

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He went on to say that he has asked for time off from the station so that he can address the issue and deal with the treatment when necessary.

“I would appeal for privacy and your understanding on these matters, but other than that, I certainly will be back as soon as everything is sorted out,” he explained.