Malinga wanted to start her own business, but feared that she wouldn’t be able to do it on her own.

“My ex-husband is a banker and obviously ran all the financials in our household. Once he was not in our lives,  how would I manage my finances in my business?” she says.

However, Malinga yearned to be independent and had always wanted to open her own spa business, having worked in on as a manager.

“Running your own business, you learn something new every day, not just about the business, but about yourself as well. I sometimes do some introspection. I look at myself and how much the business has changed me,” she says.

Malinga says she has always had a passion for beauty.”I have a BTech in Somatology. It has always been my passion and even when I left my job, I knew that I wanted to have my own business, but it had to be related to beauty,” she says. 

Malinga had to find a gap in an already crowded spa market and identified the need for a mobile operation.

“My business had to fill up a certain need for someone. As mothers and women, time is such a constraint,” she says.

Malinga explains that her business model is about bringing the spa to you. “We bring the spa into the comfort of your own office. We also do wellness and house calls. So far, it has been a great success,” she says .

Like many other entrepreneurs, Malinga says she knew that start-up capital would be an issue, and to counter this problem, she started saving while she was working.

“I did not want to start a business and be stressed about funding. Funding is crucial, but my vision was to start small and build up capital,” she says.

She adds that she also had to take some money from her provident fund. Thabie Mobile Spa has grown immensely over the past year. The company has gone from a R5 000 monthly turnover to R31 000 per month.

“That motivates me. There is a need in the market for my services and I’m on track. I keep ensuring that we excel in what we do,” she says.

Malinga says she wants to continue growing the business and offer new services. Last year, she launched a kiddies’ mobile spa service.