• An African print dress

An African print dress is a great investment that will last you a lifetime. Now that it’s wedding season, you’re sure to attend a traditional (or even white wedding), where it will turn heads.

The below dresses are from Rich Factory – we love how Rina Chunga, founder of the brand plays with structure and shapes that aren’t usually seen in African-print designs. Rich Factory’s prices range from R600 to R 3 500, depending on how intricate the design is.

Image and dresses from Rich Factory

  • An A-line dress 

The classic A-line dress is a classic, regardless of season. If you go for an A-line skirt, then complement it with a fitted top like a bodysuit – it will give you the perfect curvy, womanly shape.

  • Ruffled sleeves

Volumnous sleeves have become a hit and we’re loving them! Ruffled sleeves instantly add a special touch to your look and require minimal styling.

Image: Instagram


  • Floral or print maxi dress 

Sunny days are upon us, so you’re sure to get an invitation to a few laid-back outdoor get-togethers. Not only are maxi dresses incredibly feminine, they’re versatile too, a previous article in DESTINY reports.

Also, a maxi dress gives you a free-flowing feel while covering up the areas with which you may not be 100% comfortable, like your arms or waist area.

Try: Zara, Charlie Irish 

Image: Pinterest 

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  • The off-shoulder 

The off-shoulder trend shows no sign of leaving the style scene. The look is best worn with no neck accessories at all, but if you feel bare and want to add something to the look, try wearing your off-the-shoulder dress or top with a choker or thin neckpiece. We love the off-shoulder below – it’s perfect for the office and accentuates the waist.

Pumla Ketani, founder of clothing brand Totally Polished, says: “The point is to expose your clean shoulder. Too many accessories kill the look.”

Dress available from Gelideli Fashion House