Tracee Ellis Ross is the epitome of style, beauty and brains. Her magnetic smile, authentic style and humour makes us fall in love with her every chance we get.

Daughter of the legendary Diana Ross, Ross is undoubtedly one style icon you should follow. Her page will leave you mesmerised.

In an interview with Los Angeles Times, the producer said she loves patterns. “It’s a wonderful trick when you’re a curvy lady. Patterns in tight dresses are really flattering. Sometimes with a solid colour, you can’t hide anything, but with a pattern, you can,” she said.

She also revealed her favourite lipstick, MAC Ruby Woo, which she’s been rocking since high school. “I mix the majority of my lipsticks with Ruby Woo. I don’t like glosses. I don’t like stains. I like full-on, old-school, completely opaque matte lipstick.”

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We also love her gorgeous, healthy natural hair. Ross told the Los Angeles Times that hydration was a key part of her haircare regimen.

“Deep-condition regularly and making sure the products you use don’t have alcohol in them. Also, I usually only use shampoo in my hair once a week. I often just rinse my hair – I do the same motion as if shampooing, but just with water, and then conditioner again for hydration,” she said.

Here are some snaps of the stunning 44-year-old: