Infidelity is nothing to be proud of, but it happens. There are many reasons for men and women cheating, but some of the most common include lack of intimacy, feeling under-appreciated, having different desires and uncertainty.

A study published in Business Insider suggests that the two main reasons people cheat are feeling like partner isn’t satisfying their needs and the need for more independence.

The survey, which was conducted by the University of Tennessee and published in the Journal of Sex Research, involved 104 young adults who admitted to cheating on their partners in the past six months. The participants had an average age of 22 and 59,6% were female.

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The most prominent reason for infidelity was interdependence, with 78% of the participants claiming that was why they were unfaithful. Speaking to The Independent, one participant said: “Selfishly, he wasn’t giving me the confidence in us or myself, and someone else was willing to make me feel special again in that moment.

“I think we’re so used to having attention in an instant (from social media and our phones) – we seek and expect instant gratification – that when things are bad with a partner and you’re lacking in confidence, kissing someone else gives you that quick rush that you’ve still ‘got it’.”

According to Business Insider, the study authors note: “Because emerging adulthood is thought to be a time of exploration and experimentation, it is possible that engaging in infidelity is a path through which individuals seek to meet their developmental needs for independence and interdependence and promote their individual development.”

The remaining 20% cited their reason for cheating as the need for independence. This is because the dating culture these days allows for young people to not rush into settling down and marriage, like their parents and grandparents did. This resulted in them cheating and not being too attached to relationships.

Other reasons included being drunk, attracted to someone else, or the excitement and prospect of meeting and being with someone new.