During an interview with the eNCA‘s Weekend Wake Up‘s Ayanda-Allie Paine, Msengana confirmed that she has separated from her husband of eight years, Thomas “Bad Boy T” Msengana. The interview was focused on her career, her new album, Brave, True and Strong, and her marital issues.

Asked whether she was still with the former radio personality, Msengana replied: “No, we are not.” Paine then asked: “But you’re in a good place right ?” Msengana responded: “Of course we are. We’re family.”

The pair have been married since 2009 and have two children together.

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In a previous article in DESTINY, Msengana opened up about embracing her call to become a traditional healer.

“It’s not an official thing that has a beginning and an end. I just know that I am becoming more spiritually aware and I know that it is something granted to me by my forefathers,” she told DESTINY at the time.

“As to what it will eventually be or how the healing has to happen, these are things that will be revealed to me. I just know that I have a responsibility for healing, and that’s something that’s been consistent throughout my family. We dream, we see, we feel – singabantu abam’hlophe (“we are a people with a strong connection to our ancestry”).

Attempts to reach Msengana for comment proved fruitless.