Muvhango actress Dlathu, who plays Thandaza Mokoena, is leaving the popular SABC2 drama series. The Citizen reports that Dlathu says her decision to leave the show is due to her wanting to grow as an actress and explore new opportunities.

Muvhango has been more than a job to me, it has been my life for 20 years and I’ve loved and cherished every single moment of playing Thandaza. After 20 years, I’ve decided to give the Thandaza character a break in order for me to grow as an artist, venture out to explore new opportunities and discover what I can do as an actress and as a human being,” she said.

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These are some of the things we’ll miss about Thandaza: 

  • Her inner strength 

Thandaza is one of those women who’ve been through a lot – she’s seen flames! But we can’t get over the time her husband, Rantumeng, cheated on her and impregnated her niece. We were never ready! She, however, handles all the challenges with grace and strength – and bounces back regardless of the hurtful trials she faces.

In an article on Channel24, Dlathu said: “The strong personality is what Sindi and Thandaza have in common.”

  • Her messy love life

We’ve witnessed periods when Thandaza’s love life was in absolute shambles – but we loved her nonetheless.

She was married to Edward Mukwevho, who unfortunately died on their wedding day. She was then forced to marry her late husband’s cousin, Ndalamo Mukwevho, because he was royalty and came from a traditional family.

Then her journey with the Mokoena men started, which left her stuck in a love triangle. Thandaza’s love life is hardly perfect. She makes mistakes and hurts people, including herself, but we appreciate how she portrays real-life situations.

  • Her courage as a black businesswoman

Dlathu plays the role of a successful businesswoman, who owns Basadi Construction. We love how fearless and career-driven the 43-year-old is on the show. She’s a loving mother, but tough in the boardroom – a true inspiration to all women.