Actress Thuso Mbedu recently cut her tresses and we love! Celebrity stylist and founder of Lajawi Beaute Café Jawad Maphoto is the man behind her look and has provided us with tips to keep this look perfect.

What products do you need to maintain your cut?

It depends on how you prefer to wear your cut. That said, a good foam wrap is a staple product you’ll need to help you mould the perfect cut. You can mix it with a little water to hydrate and give the hair hold, without leaving flakes or residue.

Try: ORS Wrap/Set Mousse or Organix Coconut Milk Weightless Mousse

taming gel is great if you want a product that will give the hair texture, such as spikes. Make sure you don’t apply too much as it may make hair greasy and weigh it down.

A good straightener and hair dryer are also needed when rocking a pixie. Before applying any sort of heat, it’s imperative that you use a good heat protectant to minimise the damage and breakage often caused by hot styling tools.

Lastly, for daily maintenance, you need a moisturiser that’s either a butter, creme or oil to nourish the hair and add shine, says Maphoto.

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In terms of how often you should straighten your hair, Maputo said in a previous DESTINY interview: “With chemically processed hair, the texture differs every third day, so you can heat-style when necessary. Those with finer hair can apply heat once a week and, if you have medium to course hair, you may use heat twice a week.”

If you’re thinking of rocking this look, remember:

  • Moisture, moisture, moisture! Moisturise your hair daily or it will break.
  • Don’t forget the deep-condition step. In order for hair to grow and be healthy, you need to deep-condition twice a month to retain moisture and strengthen the hair.