Who is Lesego Moremi? I’m a proud daughter of Africa and a fashion buyer/stylist who’s  passionate about youth empowerment/mentorship. For that reason, I’m also a part-time lecturer at fashion design schools and am involved in youth ministry as a whole. I believe one’s style is the outward expression of one’s creative being and that beauty comes from the audacity to be unapologetically authentic.

 How can the average fashion consumer adapt fashion trends to their wardrobe without becoming kitsch or losing their personal style? You need to trust your own taste. Never be ashamed if you happen to fall in love with a fad – but put your own take on it and trust your intuition. My own approach to trends is to be true to myself: my style point of view is my super-power because there’s no other me in the world. Fashion is meant to be fun and creative. There are no rights or wrongs – just expression.

What’s your secret to being an amazing stylist and fashion buyer? The courage to be myself and trust my aesthetic, as well as knowing and understanding my target market/clients and executing every brief with diligence and excellence.

Do you think the future looks promising for African fashion? Simply put, Africa is the future and has been the source of global fashion trends for a while. Untapped styles from African cultures can feed Western catwalks for decades to come. We tell our story through expressing our style, from celebrating our natural hair to prints and silhouettes in designs.

What accessories are best to liven up a wardrobe or a look? Accessories, whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, are the perfect way to liven up an outfit. Personally, I’m an earring, belt, shoe and bag girl. I believe a different scarf, pair of shoes or neckpiece can completely transform a look.

What has working with big corporate brands taught you? Working with big corporates such as Woolworths, Edcon and Truworths has taught me business acumen in terms of the retailing element of fashion and about managing all players in the supply chain.

How important is it to build a style profile at work? It’s as important as building a style profile in any other sphere of your life. It helps communicate your intention and can encourage your boss, board members, colleagues and potential investors take you seriously. It’s a weapon in the “art of war”.


This article appeared in the October issue of DESTINY.