Not only does wearing the right underwear make you feel good, it can also make or break your outfit.

Papama Mtwisha-Ramogase, fashion stylist and creative director for Butter Pudding, and ELLE’s fashion director, Asanda Sizani, tell us how to choose the right type of underwear for each outfit.

Sizani says that when wearing a tight-fitting dress, seamless underwear or shapewear is the way to go. “You don’t want any lumps and bumps, and shapewear will help create a smooth silhouette,” she says.

Mtwisha-Ramogase says the best underwear in this instance would be the non-bulky type that avoids a visible panty line (VPL – yes, there’s actually an acronym for it!) “Thin laser-cut, seamless panties, thongs and shapers [the ones that look like tights] are best for this type of dress to ensure comfort,” she advises.

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As far as formal pants go, Sizani says the type of underwear you choose depends on the fit of the trousers. “It depends whether they’re tight fitting or loose, but a thong would be your safest option.” Even high-waisted briefs work, as long as they’re light and don’t reveal a VLP.

A  loose dress is more forgiving and gives you free rein when it comes to underwear options. Mtwisha-Ramogase recommends boy shorts or granny panties, especially if your dress is short. “If you have a Marilyn Monroe moment on a breezy day, you wouldn’t stress too much,” she says.