When Dr Henri Moissan visited a meteorite crash site in 1893 in the USA’s Arizona Desert to collect geological samples, he couldn’t help noticing a sparkle in the rock. The intense heat and pressure from the impact of the crash caused the natural minerals, silicon and carbon, to crystallise and form silicon carbide. This new mineral was later named Moissanite in his honour.

Today, the twinkle and radiance of Moissanite have made it a popular choice for jewellery. “This gem is hand-cut and faceted, resulting in a unique jewel of unmatched quality,” says American Swiss, part of the Foschini Group (TFG).

“The beauty of a jewel is determined by its brilliance, fire and lustre. SUPERNOVA Moissanite outperforms all other gems in every respect.”

Now in SA

American Swiss has partnered with Australia’s Moi Moi to bring this precious stone to SA for the first time. Using the latest technology, Moi Moi created a colourless stone and called it SUPERNOVA Moissanite.

Shani Naidoo, Managing Director of TFG’s Jewellery Division, has worked with Moi Moi’s Managing Director, Lauren Chang, so that South Africans can also enjoy this gem.

“SUPERNOVA Moissanite is the ‘jewel of the future’ and we’re proud to introduce our exquisitely designed collection to our South African customers,” says Naidoo. Chang adds: “We’re thrilled to share the joy of Moissanite with South African women so that they can now experience the most brilliant jewel in the world.”

SUPERNOVA Moissanite is now available in SA and brought to you exclusively by American Swiss.

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