There’s nothing better than calling it a night in a soothing bedroom after a long day. Did you realise the colour of your bedroom can affect your mood and even the number of hours of sleep you get?

With Dulux, you can transform your bedroom into a relaxing haven. Using the Dulux Colour of the Year 2018, Pictured Rocks, also known as Nodice Sails 2, as a main colour, you can find many complementary colours to create an oasis of calm.

Here are four suggested looks for your bedroom.

The calm bedroom

Pictured Rocks is all about creating a soothing mood in your home. This makes it the ideal colour for a bedroom. By combining Pictured Rocks with ink blue, clay and coffee tones, there is an instant feeling of calm. If you have a focal area – like a desk or dressing table – why not make it a feature with a graphic paint design?

How to paint an oval:

Paints used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
90RR 16/095 Maraschino Mocha 3
70YR 50/086 Sultana Spice 3
46RB 06/074 Black Magic

The cosy bedroom

If you’re looking for colour ideas to create a cosy feel in your bedroom, match Pictured Rocks with gentle pink tones. Pairing this palette with a mix of plush fabrics will make your bedroom all the more snug.

Paints used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
90YR 55/051 Natural Taupe 2
10YR 27/323 Gipsy Bloom 2

The energising bedroom

For a pop of energy, pair Pictured Rocks with lively greens and yellows. Why not try painting a strong vertical striped wall design using these zesty tones for a bedroom that says “get up and go”?

Paints used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
70YY 18/152 Jungle Drums 1
90YY 52/138 Celtic Forest 3

The relaxed bedroom

For an easy going paint colour combination for your bedroom, combine Pictured Rocks with neutrals and darker shades of slate blue. This incredibly easy-to-use palette will suit many homes, so play with colour blocking and contrasting walls. Accessorise with natural fabrics like cotton and linen and the result will feel soothing and relaxed.

Paint used:
10YR 28/072 Pictured Rocks
50YR 53/011 Silver Shores
90BG 17/090 Steel Symphony 1

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