He may be a heartthrob to you, but Hollywood actor Antonio Banderas shrugs off that label. The star is also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, photographer, singer, producer and director.

Banderas was in South Africa recently to launch his latest fragrances for men and women, both named The Secret Temptation, and it was the final leg of his exhibition tour of his photographic series Women in Gold‚ which has toured the globe for two years, raising money for worthy causes. In South Africa, money raised from the auction went toward Nkosi’s Haven, a haven for mothers and children living with HIV/Aids.

Speaking about his photos, Banderas said mischievously: “The title refers to the hypnotic powers of gold and associates them with yet another of my greatest passions: women!

“To me, a woman is a wonderful mystery that makes me curious and I think that curiosity is one of the key characteristics any artist should have. A women’s femininity is present in everything she does. Every woman has that something special which makes her unique. The combination of strength and vulnerability in women has always intrigued me. They’re two opposing concepts, but both are interesting.”


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