Intimacy with your partner should by no means be restricted to the bedroom or even the house, and can involve giving in to our lust in public. But what if you could take it to the next level by introducing a toy into the picture? I recently tried the OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH Vibrating Panty from Désir to find out exactly what that would be like.

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Opening any present is exciting, but opening this one up was enjoyable from the start, because of the neat packaging and compact box that made it feel like a quality product. Inside, you’ll find a remote control, a pair of black lacy panties, the vibrating device and a discreet drawstring pouch to carry it in. As soon as I held each component in my hands, I felt enthusiastic about playing with it straight away.

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The panty is made out of a divine black stretchy lace that has a placeholder for the massager to comfortably slot in without moving around or falling out. The massager is soft, small and delightfully feminine, and its remote is tiny and easily transportable. The remote and massager wirelessly connect through proximity so you don’t have to waste any time after charging!

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The OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH has wonderful versatility for such a petite toy. From the very first quiver, my interest was piqued. It can start off slowly with its Tease mode, which is totally guided by your partner’s fingers and rhythm. The Groove mode has five unique rhythmic vibrations that range in speed and intensity that are totally charming and seductive. The Club mode can be a sublime experience as it responds to sound – music or the sound of your lover’s voice, making for deliciously seductive moments as you navigate your way around each new environment.

I particularly enjoyed the Tease mode because of its ability to provide the slow and steady tease initially and then the intensity for a first-class climatic moment, dialled up only by your partner and the thrill of being under their spell and control.

Oscillating between various intensities in an environment in which society would never accept you touching each other is not something you would get bored of quickly. While everyone in the club was blissfully unaware, I loved every second of this secret dance in my underwear and the interaction of intoxicating lust between myself and my partner.

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There is one mentionable obstruction: the signal allows for a 6m range; however, I think this was impeded by my thick jeans. I would recommend a dress or a skirt, or fabric that is a little less heavy.

Overall, I found this experience to be tantalising and invigorating in terms of both pleasure and connection. The Club Vibe 3.0H is absolute pure fun because of its inherent risqué gratification. It creates a clandestine game that is enjoyed between you and your consort in which you have to let him/her treat you and ultimately surrender to the pleasure.

I would recommend this product to any couple looking to add dynamism to their sex life and their bond, or as an introductory toy for new adventures. It brings about an inescapable playfulness and will definitely arouse you both, leaving you mercilessly ripping each other’s clothes off at the end of the night!

Try the Club Vibe 3.0H yourself.

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