There’s nothing that comes close to the excitement of planning and going on a honeymoon. But it doesn’t have to be a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence, guys. A wedding vow renewal ceremony is the perfect reason to plan and go on a mini-honeymoon.

We’ve found interesting destinations that are a little different from the conventional holiday spots.

The rustic honeymoon with lots of blue sky

People flock to Zanzibar’s resorts, but Stone Town has a lot of appeal too. Explore it on foot and walk through its myriad alleys to discover hidden gems. The architecture is old and the doors on buildings are ornate and beautifully made.

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“This type of town developed on the coast of East Africa, further expanded under Arab, Indian, and European influences, but retained its indigenous elements, to form an urban cultural unit unique to this region,” says Unesco.

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The adventurous honeymoon

Seeing the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights, is not on many people’s honeymoon bucket lists, but it should be. It is a magnificent sight to behold. This natural phenomenon is best seen when the nights are extremely cold and there is a clear sky and minimal light pollution. It can be seen in Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik, if you take a stroll to the Grotta lighthouse.

Reykjavik also has a geothermal blue lagoon spa, near the village of Grindavik, perfect for a couple to unwind after trailing the northern lights. There is also a ton of Viking history to explore.

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Historic honeymoon

London is an alluring seductress. It leaves people beguiled and pining for more. Get a taste of royalty when visiting Buckingham Palace. Ticket sales open to the public from August to September. Buckingham House, home to the Duke of Buckingham until 1762, was the original structure on the premises. It was sold to George III, but it was his successor, George IV, who expanded and revamped the building. When a 19-year-old Victoria acceded to the throne in 1837, it became the official royal palace.

Any visitor willing to brave the queue to visit the Tower of London will be well rewarded. For the past 900 years, it has been a prison, a royal palace, a zoo, a place of execution and an armoury. Today, it is a repository for the Crown Jewels.

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The cultural honeymoon

Turkey is the meeting point between the East and Europe, so you get the best of both worlds. It is rich with history. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar is the largest covered market and great to explore. The Blue Mosque, constructed between 1609 and 1616, is another popular attraction.

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Istanbul is full of stray cats. The city’s residents tend to the animals. “The strays are well taken care of by locals, who leave food, water and even pillows for these cats to sleep on,” reads the Visit Istanbul website.

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