Unicef would like to embark your children on a magical experience and give all children in South Africa a good reason to smile. This Christmas, we’d like to give them an opportunity to make a difference by helping Father Christmas.

How do we do this? It’s all very simple. You just need to follow the instructions in the video message below, download and help your child complete the letter to Father Christmas through which they can share some information and make a promise to change another child in need’s life in South Africa.

The letter can be emailed to: tphaleni@unicef.org

Unicef works with supporters to do whatever it takes to provide a safer world for children. It is the world’s leading children’s charity. We help more children than any other organisation. We keep them safe when a disaster strikes. And we provide life-saving food, clean water and vaccines.

Helping Father Christmas deliver an important virtual gift to a child, your child will learn about areas where children need us most.

After you have created the magical experience, there will be an option to add a voluntary donation to Unicef’s vital work for children on our website.

You will also receive a “thank you” letter from Father Christmas to include in your child’s stocking. The letter thanks your child for the gift they’ve chosen. It’s a magical reminder of the good they’ve done this Christmas.