“Inclusive beauty” is the new buzz phrase that’s not only invigorated the beauty industry, but has also raised the spirits of beauty consumers. It isn’t just a trend, but a shift in the workings of the industry itself.

While the issue of finding your “perfect” shade isn’t a new topic in beauty, the past two years have come to be known as a defining moment in the history of beauty, as brands have become more cognisant of the need for a more inclusive palette – one that caters to every woman of every skin tone. Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty range shocked the market by launching 40 shades of foundation.

As a result, several brands have risen to the occasion and propelled themselves into the spotlight by releasing more shades to cater to a wider demographic of women. And while Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty may not be readily available on our shores yet, many beauty brands like Maybelline, with its FIT Me line of foundations, and home-grown brand Sorbet have made a point of creating makeup that caters to everyone. Beauty brands are no longer looking at current clientele, but have started creating makeup with an view to widening their appeal.

So what does that mean for us on the South African market? Maybelline’s FIT Me foundations have given a few beauty brands a run for their money by competing in the same league as Fenty with the release of 40 foundation variants and local brand Sorbet has picked up on the need for a wide palette of foundations with the launch of a makeup range that features 28 shades in four different textures. Do we need more? Yes, but this seems to be just the beginning of a new era for beauty and we’re excited to see what the industry has in store for us.

Sorbet’s new 4 textures of foundation in different shades now available at Clicks