We’re all on a mission to look and feel more youthful and refreshed, always on the look-out for great products, procedures and make-up trends that will achieve just that. But a simple make-up mistake can result in you looking way older than you really are.

Cosmetics guru Nomsa Madida tells us what to steer clear of doing:

  • Using the wrong shade of foundation

Getting the shade of your foundation right is an absolute must. To find the best shade for your skin tone, select two shades of your chosen foundation and draw two stripes from the corner of your mouth down to the jawline. Blend each shade away from each other. The foundation that vanishes into your skin is the correct one. “It’s important to blend your foundation seamlessly as it ensures a more natural result,” says Nomsa. “After application, you shouldn’t see any patches on the skin. For application, I recommend using a make-up brush because it provides a flawless finish.”

  • Applying blush incorrectly 

Women sometimes apply blush only on the apple of their cheeks. “I start from above my ear and lightly apply the blush along the cheekbone, using the centre of the eye as a guide for my end point,” Nomsa says. “I’ve found that starting on the apple of the cheekbone gives off that harsh, distinct appearance [clown-like rounds of make-up] rather than flawlessly blending in with the rest of my face.

“It’s important to apply the right shade of blush; avoid one that’s too red. Also make sure to blend properly so you can’t see where the colour starts and stops,” she says.

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  • Going too heavy on the concealer 

Remember, not everyone needs concealer. The rule of thumb when choosing a concealer colour is to go for a tone that is one shade lighter than your skin when using it to hide under-eye darkness, and one that matches your skin or foundation when using it to cover blemishes or pimples. “There’s a misconception that using a lot of concealer will make you look younger – that’s not true,” Nomsa explains. “Applying a shade that’s too light to hide dark patches under your eyes will crack and make you look much older than you really are.”

Tip: When applying concealer, gently dab it on the area/s you’d like to target. Be extra gentle; the skin around the eye area is fragile and sensitive.

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  • Not doing the brows correctly 

If there was ever a time to master the art of eyebrows, it’s now – the trend is to have natural-looking yet filled brows. Shaping and defining your brows will give your face that youthful lift you want. “The thinner the brows, the more arched they are – which results in an older-looking face,” Nomsa says. Also remember, that as you get older, your eyebrows get thinner, and sometimes don’t grow back. Not filling them in can leave you looking washed out and older, while a full brow will lift the face and define your features.

  • Applying lip liner incorrectly

The point of applying a lip liner is to avoid “bleeding” [going beyond the lip line when applying lipstick], and to make your lipstick last longer. That means the colour you use for your lip liner shouldn’t be too far off from your lipstick colour. “Remember, it should be applied neatly. Don’t go too far outside your lip’s natural line,” Nomsa adds.

Additional source: Real Simple