Trevor Stuurman

South African entrepreneur and visual artist Stuurman is no stranger to the creative world. He has worked with numerous brands and leading fashion houses. Stuurman’s work often embodies Africa’s cultural heritage; he recently released a series of images, caputuring the spirit and energy of the Black Panther blockbuster.

Manthe Ribane

Multi-disciplinary artist Ribane has been described as “fearless, bold, innovative and a game-changer”. She describes herself as a visionary artist who is constantly researching how the body moves. She’s also a founder of Dear Ribane, a conceptual performance and production company with her siblings, Tebogo and Kokona.

Fabrice Monteiro 

Photographer and former model Monteiro is all about creating his own perception and vision of Africa. His work is influenced by his African and European roots and African culture, society and religion. One of his outstanding works is The Prophecy, which highlights ecological problems that plague many parts of the continent.

The Prophecy#7#djinn#spirit#flood#globalwarming#

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Kevo Abbra

Kenyan visionary Abbra, known as Kevo, is a self taught stylist, pop master and set designer, who has keen eye in fashion and conveys his interpretation of the world through style. One of his well-known pieces, a digital photography set, Macicio, focuses on Mau Mau guerrillas during the Kenyan struggle for independence.