1. Don’t shy away from shades of brown

Using black mascara, black eyeliner and black eye shadow on your eyebrows may make your features stand out, but if you’re looking for a more subtle and groomed look – try out products in shades of brown. Even eye shadows in colours like taupe and coffee can add a hint of colour and shine without looking too dramatic.

  1. Avoid looking ashy.

We asked local make-up artist Zenzi Masuku what to look for when choosing eye shadows. “Anything works on dark skin, especially metallics and bright colours. But stay away from anything too ashy or you’ll end up looking washed out.”

  1. Get the correct concealer.

Use the colour wheel to make sure you pick the right colour corrector for your skin tone. Dark under-eye circles are usually a deep purple or blueish shade so the best way to hide these is with an orange or red colour. If you can’t find the right concealer, try a red lipstick instead. It might sound a little scary at first, but if it’s blended just right with your foundation, you’ll be amazed at how well it masks those late nights.

  1. Mix your foundations for the perfect shade.

Zenzi says: “I always say that if you can afford it play around with different colours. Mix dark and light foundations, or get a lighter shade of foundation and add a darker powder or bronzer to get that perfect tone.”

  1. Go for gold.

If you’re trying to give yourself a natural glow, make sure you go for powders with a warm undertone and stay away from silver. Lighter metallic tones can make your skin look dull, so try a bronzer with flecks of red or orange to create a more natural flush.

  1. Stick to the right shades.

Zenzi also advises staying away from anything too light or too orange on the lips. When it comes to blush, however, there are loads of options. “Peach, burgundy and plum shades work really well.” She also suggests using a bronzer to give your complexion a lift.