Date your spouse 

Family Life reports that it’s important couples don’t lose that loving feeling they had at the beginning of the relationship. Flirt with one another! Tell your husband that he still makes you blush, or you can’t get enough of his charming personality. As a couple, you should romance one another at every opportunity and work at keeping the butterflies flapping, even after an argument.

Develop meaningful communication

Healthy communication is the bedrock of any relationship. Everyone communicates differently; learn your partner’s  communication style and language of love. You should also let your spouse in and constantly allow them to get to know you better.  Also, try to be a good listener. Listen to your spouse’s point of view and try to comprehend what exactly they’re trying to get across, rather than concentrating on formulating a response.

Make sex a priority

The importance of sex in an intimate relationship can’t be underestimated and it is each spouse’s responsibility to make sure the sex is great. Always try to fulfill your spouses needs before your own, reports Family Life. In addition, simple things like holding hands in public and stealing discreet kisses when you are around each other will do wonders for your sex life. Also, try to be adventurous and spontaneous – have sex in another room, or – if you’re looking for an even more exciting thrill – take your lovemaking outside.

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Apologise and forgive 

Harbouring resentment is harmful to the growth of your relationship. If you feel you have been wronged, but you and your partner have decided to resolve the issues and rebuild trust, make a conscious effort not to hold onto baggage. Let go of any resentment, bitterness or pain. Family Life reports that you should take Paul’s words to heart: “Do not let the sun go down on your wrath.” (Ephesians 4:26).

If your words or actions have hurt your partner, then you need to admit you were wrong and ask for forgiveness, according to Church Leaders.

Serve your partner 

To experience oneness, you must give up your will for the will of another – in other words, you must put your partner’s needs before your own. If you do this, your needs won’t go unmet. Make the first move and watch as your spouse reciprocates, reports Family Life.